Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guardian Granny Doll

This week we've had snow and cold; I've done a lot of shoveling. However, in between I have gotten some artwork done. My major accomplishment is a guardian grannie doll for my nephew's new daughter. Actually she was born in December and I'm just getting to getting it done. It's not my own design, it's adapted from a Marcia Acker-Missall pattern.

The other art this week is photography. Yesterday was such a beautiful day... sunshine and a bit warmer so I set out with my camera thinking I would take photos of the wonderful shadows. Instead I became intriqued with the snow patterns on the trees and took a dozen photos of those. I'm only posting a couple of them. I haven't decide what to do with them... maybe they're just a jump start to somethin abstract. I don't know but it was fun.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh she is too cute! I love this doll! :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...
I just this Valentine's r'cvd a machine that offers lettering. I noticed also there is not a "space" bar to put between the letters so I tried it with a dash and it seems to work ok. The dash I found on my machine by scrolling further down the alphabet options. I'm not sure how the layout would be on a viking, but you have an amazing machine so I am certain that a similar option is available. Too much fun, isn't it? The alphabet option is what pulled me in... I can't wait to discover the many uses for this tool. BTW, does your machine allow you to increase the size of the lettering? Mine does not. Art on, Monica

Shez said...

Oh, isn't she something, I Luv her.
Nice to see you using your multi talents here Helen. Had to stop by, and pleased that you stopped by my place, and let me know you had started this. Mums the word till you're ready. I worked on mine for a few months till I told people.
Luv the birdhouse, great cause, it's beautiful. I'm a two time survivor, so it hits home. Also, the other doll, reminded me for some reason of Nonny Kor??? with the velvet duds and all dressed up. Not sure what way you want to go with your names......I'm putting you on my Links list, OK.
Ta Shez

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Monica... thanks for popping over. Yes, I love the machine and no, it doesn't allow me to increase the size of the lettering. However, being able to do the lettering at all is wonderful. I'll try the dash.

Sharron, thank you for stopping over too. Hadn't thought of it before but Granny does remind me of Nonny Kor now that you mention it. Thanks for adding the link to your blog. When I'm ready to really let folks know I'm doing this I'll put a link on my sig at wetcanvas.