Friday, February 17, 2017

Some Things Revisited

It's no secret I've been clearing some clutter from my studio and unearthing things I had forgotten.  I did this in 2014.  I have a sketchbook almost full of these images called Zendangles.  Something similar to Zentangle but to me, much more fun

One of the Dangles in the sketchbook was a start, not much to it.  So I decided to add more.  I haven't done any color yet, maybe later today or tonight.  Last night I taught my class the basics, they had a good time with it and some of them will probably do more.  It's addictive.

The other thing I did yesterday was pick up the sampler my mother started.  I should have blocked it myself before having it framed because they didn't get it straight.  She would not like that which is the only reason I think it should be straight.  For now it will hang in my sewing room, above her machine.  It is a reminder to me that while there are many ways we are alike... note unfinished sketchbook above and unfinished sampler.... there are also many ways we are different and that's okay.

I inherited her talent (she was an artist) and her love of fiber and fashion though you wouldn't know that to see me now, jeans and sweatshirts are my go to wardrobe. She liked perfect seams and stitches, I don't like staying in the lines nor do I feel compelled to have straight seams.  If they are that's fine, if not that's okay too.  But for the things she liked to sew it was important... fashion, clothes, she was a fashion designer through and through.  I prefer sewing art quilts and other just plain fun things like wonky dolls and angels.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Two Today

My Tuesday Painters group painted at our museum today, this set up was in the pioneer kitchen.  I love old crocks and wooden bowls.  This crock is a bit off, one side is curved, the other not.  Oh well, it's just a sketch.

Back home I went back to some experimenting with the acrylics... I did my daily drawing on a 7"x7" piece of watercolor paper and then did the painting in acrylics.  I've used acrylics for non-representational work but never to do  something real so I'm considering this another experiment... for me anyway.
I kind of like it, think I may try more. This is from my Valentine's tulips, tomorrow they will be more open so I'll try again.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Last Time For The Pear

It will be poached for dessert tonight.  This one was done with one of my XL Graphite sticks.  You can't really see the color but it's a deep burgundy.  The box of sticks is new and this is one I hadn't used, it looked like a dark grey, almost black as I was drawing.  I was surprised when I added the water and saw the rich burgundy

I'll have to find another something to draw from different angles, it was a fun challenge.  Nothing more done on the WIPs,  I will get back to them later today.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

One WIP Is A Mess But I Love The Ginger Jar, Pears Too

My daily yesterday, a ginger jar done with gel pens.  I do like these things, one of these days I'm going to buy one.  

Today it was that pear again, from the top
And from the bottom/  Both done with the Derwent XL Graphite.
I'm happy with the dailies; the WIP not so much.  I used alcohol to rub back a bit and went back further than I had planned.  I have no idea where this is going to end up, Right now it resembles a road map.  I didn't do anything with it today, just thinking about it.  Maybe tomorrow...

Friday, February 10, 2017

Wondering & Another Pear

A third layer, well it's really taking off rather than putting on but it's the third bite at the apple so to speak.  I kind of like this and the one below so I'm going to have to live with them awhile to see where to go next if at all.

 Meanwhile, I really need to do a lot more work on this one.  I did get rid of the spot dead center, now I have a different something there.   This one is a long way from done.
 And ... another pear.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Progress and A Pear

First the pear, done in my sketchbook using  Derwent XL graphite sticks.  A quick one to start the day.

Yesterday I made some progress on one of the starts. Here are all of the stages so far....

Step one, just putting down color and collage elements.  Center top is gold from a piece of Joss Paper.
 Next, three coats of white covers everything, well almost covers.  I can still see the Joss Paper.
Next step is to spray with a bit of alcohol and scrap with a single edge razor and scratch with an exacto knife.  The gold on the Joss Paper is gone.  Now I know that doesn't work.
 The next step is a coat of Quinacrodone Gold, one of my new favorite colors, The white is from my camera, it is the same light gold as everywhere else.
 Once that was dry I added black and rubbed it off.  I like the combination of black and gold.
.Last step yesterday was to add a bit of Cerulean blue and then rub it away.  Some of the black came away with it and now I have a spot dead center.... a problem to solve.  That will be my task today.
And maybe another version of the pear in the morning...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Work On The WIPs and Tuesday Painters

Tuesday Painters went to Loutit Library yesterday, to paint and to see the Jim Crow exhibit.  A very interesting exhibit, if you are in the area, go see.

Back home I added three coats of white to WIPs 2, 3 and 4....
I used a white that I don't normally use because I was out of the better paint.  It took 3 coats and though you can't see it in the photo, the top one still isn't covered.  Next step is to see what happens with alcohol and scratching or rubbing.  I'll do that this afternoon.  These are 6"x 6".

Meanwhile, one that I thought might be cut up to make postcards I decided to do 4" x 4" pieces instead.  I had done a series of 40 4x4s a couple years ago, maybe it's time to do that again.  Once again, not a good photo.  I do have to do something about a camera.