Monday, September 29, 2014

Because A House Is Being Lifted

day 29

I did a pear today.  The house a few houses down from us is being raised up so the basement can be used.  Warner was curious so we all wandered down to watch as they work on the area around the foundation getting ready to move.  Warner also found a pear tree and brought a pear home with him.  When he was off to school I said I was going to draw the pear.  “Don’t draw on the pear.”  I assured him I wouldn’t but asked if it was okay if I drew it on paper.  “Yes, that will be fine; but not on the pear.”

Back home from school he saw the little painting, he said he liked it then added “but you didn’t draw on the pear did you?”  No, the pear doesn’t have a mark on it and my challenge is done for today.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Painting That Isn’t A Painting

day 28

Today I spent some time in my sewing studio so the challenge painting is actually fabric, a small placemat.  It’s small enough for a cup of coffee and a roll…. or a glass of wine and some crackers with cheese on them.  It was good to be stitching because I remembered that I haven’t mastered a nice mitered corner binding on a quilt and I have one that really needs to be done right.  So more practice is needed. 

But the same is true for my sketching, daily practice in that is good and this challenge has got me back into the habit so I may get one of those done too.  There’s still time since we have nothing on the calendar tonight.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Art Walk and I Got A Sunflower

Neutrals have a place –

but not as the dominant colors of your life!


day 27

Grand Rapids has Art Prize, Grand Haven has Art Walk.  Both started this week and one of the fun events here in Grand Haven was a concert outside the bookman, one of our favorite haunts.  In addition to some fun music, I got a sunflower so that’s my painting for today.

Friday, September 26, 2014

More Challenge Than I Need At Times

“Don’t ask the Lord to guide your footsteps

if you are not willing to move your feet.”

And yesterday and today I haven’t been willing to move my feet.  A cold has taken hold and I’m hoping it will let go soon.  I didn’t get another one done yesterday as I said I would; however, I did manage to get this one done this morning.

day 26

And now, in spite of feeling lousy, I see outside it is sunny and bright so I’m going to take a walk.  Perhaps that will be the cure, get those feet moving!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Challenge & A Different Kind of Challenge

day 23

First the 30 day challenge, day 23 finally got downloaded today.  Tuesday my Tuesday Morning Painting Group went out to Rosey Mound, a dune that is part of the Ottawa County Park System. 

We were hoping for color but there wasn’t any; that;s the nice part about being a painter rather than a photographer, one can add or change colors.

artisan's gallery

This is one of several experiments I did yesterday.  The orange and turquois was the start done with a Gelli Plate.  The photo was added using hand sanitizer and a transparency. This is one of those “I have no idea where this piece is going but I’m liking it so far.”

Yesterday was one of those fun art days when artist friends get together and do some experimenting.  Annie Morgan and I did just that yesterday morning. Brenda Mattson joined us in the afternoon.

I’ve used this image in an earlier work. This is a small watercolor monotype.Artisans Gallery #2

It’s available at the Gallery Uptown.

Annie and I both love old buildings and doors and we don’t know if this is one of my photos we shared or one of her photos we shared.

Okay so yesterday I didn’t actually finish a painting, Art Walk is underway and after leaving my art buddies I went to a reception.  No more art finished; however, I will get something done today. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Challenge, A Drawing


day 22

This time it’s more a drawing than a painting.  it’s good to practice getting around the object without masking so that is what I did today.

I have no idea why I like to draw feathers but I do; these two came home from the beach today. 

Short post, it’s been a long day.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Challenge & A Collection

day 21

Today’s piece is from a collection that started when my aunt gave me the brushes my uncle had used in his work.  He was a commercial artist though he called himself a sign painter.  I’ve given some of those brushes away to special folks who would appreciate them.  Some I use regularly and some I just enjoy looking at and remembering.

uncle d's brushes

Some in my collection are much used and beyond help but I still love them because they were my dad’s.  He too was an artist, his passion was model boats but I only have art he did as a child.  I do have some of his brushes though.

more brushes

And then there are two shaving brushes, one from dad and one from my husband.  And my favorite, the one I painted, was a gift from my husband for my birthday last year.  The brush is for wiping away the eraser leavings… the white end is an eraser.  Here are those three along with the bottle I painted yesterday.  And as I look at this I think it would make a nice still life… maybe one a day when I have more time.

shaving brushes

I had extra time after church today, it’s a rainy one so afternoon plans changed.  I had planned to go to Nature’s Creative Edge in Fruitport but it’s not much fun in the rain.  It’s 5 plus acres of groomed trails with displays by floral designers and artists from around the nation. Worth seeing but I’ll have to miss this year.  It’s always this time of year and this is the first time since I learned about it that it has rained.  It opened Friday and that was a beautiful day but I was out of town, bummer.