Friday, July 13, 2018

More Dailies

I said there would be 37, I meant 27.  Numbers are not my thing.  Here is the 3rd one and I have been good about getting them done.  This is day 7.  Here are days 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. 

 Today's is a little different, it's 6x6 on a wood cradle.  I went directly to the wood rather than work on paper which will eventually be attached to a wood cradle.  These berry pickers are family and friends.  the towheads are my little brother and me.  Our mother is the one on the right.  It was not unusual to take our old rowboat to the other end of the lake I grew up on to pick berries.  I believe the place we are in this photo is very close to where my aunt and uncle built their last house many years later.

A lot of memories stirred up with the sorting and the collages.  It's helping me to recall stories to go in the memoir I'm working on. 

I'm not sure it is officially a memoir; it's stories .... some from my own experience and some based on stories I heard about family and friends when I was growing up;  My grandmother and my dad had many stories and I regret not having recorded them.  Some I remember and I'll include them; the main reason I'm writing them is so the next generation will know the stories.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Doing A Daily For A Month

I've challenged myself to a daily collage for this month using some of the parts I've accumulated from the deconstructing I've been doing.  Since most of my day has been clearing clutter from the studio I want to stay with that but want to keep making art as well.
I started July 5, this is the first one.  By the end of the month there will be 37 and hopefully some of them will be good enough to mount on a 4x4 cradle.  I'm not giving a lot of thought to the work, just getting something down.
This is Day 2 finished this morning.
Now back to the clutter clearing.... a huge bag of trash went to the curb this morning!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Treasure Found

I have a couple old photo albums that were falling apart.  One had some great hardware on it so I didn't want to just throw it away.  The covers and spine were in bad shape.

I'm in the process of trying to eliminate some of the clutter in my studio -- old books and photo albums take up valuable shelf space.  After checking their value I decided it was time to deconstruct.  The material in the books is wonderful and good ephemera for collage.

One of the pieces set aside for deconstruction was the photo album.  You may know the type -- about 5 x 4 inches with 1/8th inch thick pages, one photo on each side of the page and gold on the edge. I first decided to remove some of the hardware, there is an inscription on the inside of the two brass clasps....
Fannie was my maternal great-grandfather's half sister. I'll have to look back at the family tree to see which family, she was older than my great-grandfather, his mother's child by her first marriage.  Back to the deconstruction.  It was a faux leather cover and much was torn and worn but not in a way that made it usable, at least on that side, so I began to remove it.  That's when I discovered how wonderful the gold page edges were.... as long as they stayed together.
WOW!  I knew that part had to stay together so I removed photos and began gluing the pages together.  I've finished gluing it together since this photo was taken, it is now the substrate for a college.  I've started it using some of the pile I had from other books I had recently deconstructed.
This was the start.  The more I looked at it the more I didn't like the coat of arms... here is where it stands currently....
I'm going to have to look at this for awhile before I decide if this part is done.  I still need to come up with something for the top...
or not...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

One Done, How Many More To Do....

Who knows.... but at least this one is finished and up on the shelf with the rest of my boats.

I've rearranged the shelf to make room and found that I also had room for all of the little paper rowboats if I stacked them.  Now with them rearranged you can see the clay boat I mentioned in my last post and now you can also see the oars.  

I have errands to run tomorrow so I'm not likely to get back to the mosaic piece but it is next on my list.  I've seen a few more as I worked on finishing this one so I expect to be busy for awhile and I hope, when done, I will have a studio clear of clutter.  And I already have an idea for more storage space.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Could Be A Solution

The mess in my studio seems to stay in spite of my constant starting to deal with it.  Every time I go in to sort I come across things in process -- often long forgotten -- and just move them to another spot to deal with later.

Finally today, well yesterday actually because I'm writing this in the morning -- before heading in there again.  Anyway finally the light dawned -- the only way to deal with this mess is to DEAL WITH IT, I mean really deal with it.  Don't move it, finish it or pitch it.  A few things got pitched.  Others I decided could stay so I'm working on those I came across yesterday.
The sailboat, a paper mache project to finish.  I'm a boat person, well a water person but I love boats too.  So when I saw this one I decided I had to try making one to add to my small boat collection.
And then there are the 6 paper boats that I made thinking it would be a fun project -- but what do I do with them -- I believe the trash barrel is a good place for them. The sailboat can go on the shelf with the rest of them.

You can hardly see my favorite, it's clay.  The brown bow between the yellow and blue is one I made in a ceramics class.  I made some fun pots too but this was part of my final project.  I worked on it first, the project was to make a house and when my instructor saw it he questioned why.... "that's not a house."  I told him it was part of it, probably the most important part.  Here's the rest of the project...
The other project I need to finish and move to our back yard is a mosaic.  The ball on top was on a pole in the garden but grandpa and grandson where playing and not careful... the bottom half hit a rock. Since I can seem to stand disposing of things that can be saved, here it is, still in process.  The crash happened 4 years ago.  It's time to get it done and out of the studio.
My goal today -- finish adding to the base of the mosaic and epoxy the pieces together; add another layer of paper to the boat and make a sail; and see what else I come across to finish.

But first -- I'm off to paint with my Tuesday Painters group.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Still Playing With Boiled Paper

 I still have much to learn about this process but I love the result even when it isn't particularly good.  One never knows what the result will be. 

I also spent some time helping my grandson do some poured acrylics but no photos; he was giving one to his dad, one to his mother and the other large one was for him.  We both had fun with the process  I'll do more with him but for me... more playing with the boiled paper.  I think these will make a nice little journal to carry in my purse.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Some Student Work and Some Grunge Journal Pages

This week my Creativity students did boiled pages.  This is one and here are a few more....

Great fun and I think everyone, including me, will be doing more.

I also spent some time in my Grunge Journal this week, first my Grandma Percy when she was a young woman and next a statue of Queen Victoria that was part of a wetcanvas Weekend Drawing Event several weeks back.  I saved the image and finally got around to doing something with it.  I don't consider these done yet but they are close...
It's been a busy week and this weekend we will be celebrating Memorial Day.  Plans are to take in the parade Monday morning, then back home where we will host a small neighborhood gathering.