Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More On Less Is More....

I did this back in 2011, another experiment and a landscape format.  The stones are real, chocolate rocks from a beach near Fennville.  We used to go there to see if we could find some.  They were always there but not plentiful.

The image is certainly simplified.  I can see a layer of collage under the blue.  I like it but I like the new pieces too.

I am simplifying my studio though.  I still have a lot of clutter that needs to go away but progress is being made.  I sorted one of the drawers in my flat file and found room for stacks of paper that were sitting on my work surface.  Hooray!  And I emptied another drawer so more can be moved off that same work surface. 

For several weeks I’ve avoided going in there because there was so much clutter and I didn’t have time or more accurately didn’t want to make time to clear it. 

But the painting muse came back to visit and we had to do something so the work is getting done.  So is more stitching and painting but no new photos yet.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Still Sorting

I've been sorting some of the drawers in my flat file and found this drawing.  I had forgotten about it but I'm so pleased I found it, I wonder if prints of this would sell,

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Throwing Some Paint Around

Landscape #1 6" x 6"
Paint was calling so I decided it was time to do something.  I have a show coming up at the Jansma Gallery  in Freemont, Michigan and I thought I ought to have some new paintings so I've started a composition series.  The titles are working titles, I'll name then when the series is done.  Non-representational is something I haven't done much of.  It's so much easier for me to compose when I have an object that I'm focusing on.  Working on composition without an object seemed like it would be a good exercise and I'm finding I like playing with paint and collage this way.

First landscapes....
Landscape #2 6" x 6"

Landscape #3 8" x 8"

There is one more, a 10' x 10" no photograph yet.   There are also a couple using the grid as a composition, also not photographed yet.  

Now I'm working on the cruciform and I'm liking that best... so far.  I'll be doing more of these.

Cruciform #1 8"x 8"

Cruciform #2 6" x 6"
And I'm still spending a little time with needle and thread every day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Sketch Makes It To A Soap Package

I was thrilled when Original Fizz wanted one of my sketches for it's gardener's soap. Lorna Gallop is the one who saw my sketch posted on wetcanvas and asked to use it.

Lorna  makes soap.  Her company is Original Fizz and all of its products are handmade  She says “All our Soap Cakes and Bars are made by hand from start to finish using the traditional Cold Process method of soap making. All packaging is designed and hand cut by us to give you a unique gift for any occasion.

My little wheelbarrow now adorns her Gardener’s Soap Package.  It looks quite nice I think.  She makes Handmade Soap Cakes, Beeswax Hand & Foot Balms.  She also does Wedding Favours, Children's Party Favours. And Bath Bomb Workshops for children & Adults. I haven't seen it in real life yet, the company is in England.  Some of my friends may be getting soap for Christmas.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Angels, Cherubs and Dolls

A gift prompted me to think about a theme that seems to run through my studio….Angels, Cherubs and Dolls.  I played with paper dolls as a child but those were the only ones. I was too busy playing in and on the water.  There are a lot of little boats in there too but that's another story.  

I did own one doll that my Uncle gave me when he came home from the war – WWII.  She’s Martha Washington and one of her eyes was missing but she was beautiful anyway.  She lived in my bedroom at our lake home until my brother and sister-in-law moved in there.  I believe someone was going to try to repair her eye but that never happened and Martha disappeared.  

She was a sit-on-the-shelf-and-look-at-me kind of doll which was fine with me, as I mentioned, I didn’t play with dolls… that is until a few years back when a couple of artist friends asked me if I’d like to be part of an art doll collaborative.  Elzabeth was the beginning….

I’ve always collected angels but they were Christmas Angels; gifts from my mother, my spouse and later our son.  Since the doll thing started that collection has gone beyond Christmas and I've made a few myself.

A chorus of angels that hang in the doorway

A few that sit on a bookcase along with a couple of owls (and photos of my son)
Even in my herb garden

After Elzabeth another collaborative, this time a mermaid…. I am a Pisces after all.  Next thing I knew I was making and collecting. The following photos are some examples… some I made, some I bought and some are gifts.  There are more scattered around but that would mean taking way too many photos.  I think you get the idea….

Guess I do like to play with dolls after all...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sorting & Thinking

No, I didn't make the banner.  In fact, there isn't much art work getting done here this week.  My spouse had back surgery on Monday, came home on Tuesday and I am his nurse.  He is making good progress in spite of my lack of nursing skills, we manage. The photo is a banner that was in the chapel at the hospital.  I liked the various neutrals the artist used.

This is another work that was in the chapel.  Thinking of irregular squares, a grid as a possible banner.  I like the neutral and the irregularity of the shapes.

Instead of making art I’ve been doing some sorting and wondering thinking, putting some scraps together as I sort.  I have more blue scraps than any other simply because I love blue.  Here’s a basket of scraps, I See The Moon in process and some little pieces pinned together that may become something… or not...

Trying to keep my mind occupied with something other than what happened in France.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Something I've been thinking about... Simplify, I’m entertaining that idea.  I wonder if I can apply it...

            … to colors in a piece of work
            … to objects in my composition
            … to stuff in my studio  (oh yes, I do need to apply it here.
            … to time to complete a project (maybe avoid overworking an idea)

What do you think?  Have you tried to apply this to your life or maybe it’s an automatic for you.

Yesterday I spent the day in Holland Hospital, my spouse had back surgery and all is well except I didn’t get much art work done.  A bit of stitching but I haven’t taken the time to scan so a short post. Tonight he came home so I'm going to be his nurse for next few days, not much art work to get done but he is worth taking good care of.