Sunday, March 30, 2008

Watercolor minis

Finally, I'm painting and in the medium I normally work in, watercolor. Only very different from my normal work in that they are tiny. I'm going to be one of 10 watercolor artists in an exhibit in May. Each of us is to have 3 new pieces and 1 mini.... 2" by 2". That's tiny! I only need one but I'm going to have to paint several to get one good one... I've never worked that small before unless it's to take a 2 x 2 mat and run it around on a painting that didn't work to come up with some sort of abstract piece. Anyway... my post this week, 4 of them. Only one of these may be a contender... the light. I've also started one of the larger pieces that will be in the show. I should have that done by this time next week.


Diahn said...

I don't know, Helen - I do like that light, but the rowboat at the bottom is special...I love the watery feeling of it - very very nice!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Thanks diahn... it's a contender for sure

bec said...

I'm quite impressed with the figure in the rowboat.... I love the composition and the reflections and all!!!