Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another chine collé print

I'm still experimenting and still thrilled to see the result when I pull up those felts... even when the result isn't as good as I would have liked. This week I did several prints but only one chine collé and it's going to hang in my studio. I didn't cut the grey quite right so the chine collé part is a little off. I also decided, after seeing the finished piece, that I should have used a lighter color for the grey. I'm pleased enough to hang it in my studio but not enough to put it out there to sell. I still have much to learn about printmaking.


Shez said...

Helen, this is look so good, I like the print. I just spent an hour on the web reading about this process and some printmaking. A lot of steps to get to this kind of result, very impressive. You're doing so well with this!!

Joan said...

Helen, These look so interesting. I'll have to check out how a "chine colle'" is done. I'm not familiar with it.

Mony said...

this looks really interesting ! although i don't know what a chine colle is ... I've only done acquatints up to now !