Friday, May 15, 2009

It's art but not mine

I'm still not able to post the image but this is part of what has been going on in my life....

The past couple weeks I haven't been making art, life got in the way.  First, I had framing that had to get done so a show could be hung.  That's kind of important if one wants to sell anything.  The show opened, all was well, we relaxed over the weekend and I was ready to get busy clearing the clutter I left in my studio so I could move on to more paintings.  I got one day of clutter clearing done and ended up taking my husband to ER.  We still don't know what has caused his problems except that they have ruled out cancer.  That gives some relief but it would be nice to know what caused his problem so we know if we need to be dealing with something.  That weighs as you can imagine.  We're waiting for more test results so I'm back to clearing clutter. 

Meanwhile, we did manage to get a task done that we've been thinking about all winter.  We have a beautiful trellis, actually a piece of sculpture that was made by a local artist.  It's been on the front of our house since we moved here.  Last year we decided it should come to the back yard where we could enjoy it.  Every time we were back there we'd look around for a spot for it.  Meanwhile, it layed on the patio.  Time came to put the patio furniture out and the trellis needed to be moved out of the way.... he propped it up against the top of the pergala to make room for the table and waalaa... we found the spot it was to live.  We called the artist, he came and cut some of the bottom off so it would fit better and here it is with clematis planted at the base.

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