Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walking around in our garden

I've just finished reading "Saying Yes" by Cindy West.  The sub-title, "accepting God's amazing invitation to artists and the church.  I loved the book; Cindy said some things I needed to hear.  A question on the back cover... What will you do with the powerful gift of art?  What will I do with it?  I'm at a place where my art and my faith have to come together.  I'm not sure yet how that will happen but I know it's where I need to go.

After finishing the book I took a walk around our garden, went back in the house and got my camera and took some photos of God's glory right in our back yard.  Normally I would have taken my sketchbook too but it's cold out there this morning.

I recall Timothy Clark talking about why he paints gardens... it's a combination of God made and man made.  I like that thought.  I believe I'll keep it in my head for awhile.  Here are a few images I snapped this morning.

forget-me-nots 2 

 Jill's wisteria iris, mineEd's succulents


Shez said...

Oh Helen I like that and shall think on it too. To me they are all of gods gifts..... the garden, the man, and the artist.
Love your garden, beautiful flowers, thanks for sharing them.
I was going through a bit of artists block, and have missed your posts, but I'm getting in the groove again, and shall have to do some reading, and catch up.

Cathy Gatland said...

This is such an absorbing question - I think being aware while looking, and painting, is a form of prayer. I've tried various ways of 'serving' God with art, some right and some totally wrong - for me, and for him I think! Right now I'm not trying so hard, but letting it happen. Your garden is so beautiful!

Dean H. said...

Beautiful thoughts, Helen. I've also thought at some length about how to serve God better with my art. The obvious would be paintings of Christ, people in prayer, etc. The not so obvious would be keeping God's will in mind while painting light and color...he, after all, created this glorious stuff...and hopefully resulting in the viewer being moved, inspired, or touched in someway by the beauty of God's design.
Let me know what you come up with on this.

Joan said...

I think painting is inspiration from God. It always amazes me to look at the beauty around me, and not be in awe. You have lots of inspiration in your garden. I'd be busy painting if I were there!

Judybec said...

Beautiful garden photos! I'm enjoying reading your thoughts -- gardening, faith and painting gardens are passions of mine also -- I think if we keep doing the work, the art, opportunities will present themselves. I've just signed up to help care for the grounds around my church -- and I'm drawn to eventually creating more of a garden there. And as the saying goes -- one is nearer to God's heart in a garden -- or something like that... : )

Kat Farmer said...

Helen I know where your coming from. When my art brings inspiration and happiness to others, it fills me with joy, and for this I just have to be thankful. Enjoyed muchly looking through your work, I love the way you frame those miniatures with those interseting surrounds. Great photos too... :o)

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Thank you all. It is an absorbing question... I continue to dwell on it. Seems to me to be a good place to dwell for awhile.