Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A sketch and an opening

I missed a week... once I got the opening of the exhibit at the Bettye Clark Cannon Gallery done and opened I was whipped and then we had a family reunion of sorts... my husband's siblings and it was great having them but my blog went by the wayside. 

I haven't finished anything new but I have begun a new practice in my morning journal.  Once I'm done writing I do a sketch right over the top of what I wrote so I always end on a cheery note even if what I'm writing about isn't so cheery.  It's transparent watercolor so I can still read it if I choose.sketch in journal

The opening... here are a few shots from the event.

we four

crowd admiring




Diahn said...

And you were missed! What great pictures - I love that outfit!

And your paintings look gorgeous, too!!

Joan said...

Helen - You were definitely missed. The journal sounds like a great idea! Great photos of the opening!!

Dean H. said...

I commented on this at WDE...but worth saying again...I really like the journal idea. It has a lot of meaning and looks great!

Judybec said...

Looks like a wonderful show! Hope things went well.... your work looks lovely hanging!