Friday, October 22, 2010

Holiday Gifts

It’s past time to be thinking about making gift type items for sale this holiday season,  I’m starting anyway.  Last month I did a couple wine bottle dolls using the bottle cut in half.  I thought about using the top of the bottle next until I walked into my studio recently and noticed this bottle.

message in a bottle inspiration

This is not a very good photo, the bottle sits on top of one of the tall bookcases in my studio.  I made it years ago and never did anything more than put it up there.  On another shelf sits a stump doll I made a couple years ago; she won an award and I realized she had a shape rather like a wine bottle, no legs.   Hmmmm …  maybe I could put a head on the cork. Oh yes, and then perhaps one of the many inspirational quotes I collect can go inside the bottle… another prototype is now in process and I’m really liking this one….

message in a bottle in process

Still a ways to go on her but I know the head works.  This one will stay here with me.  I’ve got a small collection of wine bottles but I’ll need more and I think something other than Chardonnay, this one has very droopy shoulders.  Guess I need to drink more wine

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Joan said...

You always have such intersting projects!!!