Monday, January 7, 2013

More Stitching… nothing finished


Lots of playing with fabric, sewing pieces together and cutting them apart to see what happens.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with these but I’m having fun.

I’ve also been thinking about an architectural series.  My first thought was paintings but maybe there will be some wall hangings too.  I’ve got a few photos in mind. Ideas are running around in my head, we’ll see where they land….  This one is on our corner, from the back, on an early morning walk it spoke to me….

corner house potential painting

The rest of these were taken one day when I was painting with friends at a local church.  Looking out the window I saw all sorts of potential, some things may have to be edited out in the finished piece, like the telephone tower behind the third one.


Skiing New Year’s Day I liked this scene – without the cars

shuss cupula

And then there were some images as a challenge on wetcanvas, totally different type of image but architectural.

door-cropped from wet canvas january challengewallpath-small from wc january challenge in sketchbook forum saturated

WDE 1.4.13_Challange_Barn

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