Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some sketching and some sorting

david bag sketch

Another bag for the Everyday Matters challenge, I know, I already did one but this is such a great bag and what a fun one to do.  It’s part of the David Baas collection at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum where my plein air buddies and I sketched last week.  If you haven’t seen the collection do go, it’s fascinating.

I only got three more done from the list…. a piece of jewelry, my spinner ring, lower left; a tin from the kitchen, our cinnamon shaker; and a hand, mine.

my sketchbook

The rest of the week I spent in my sewing room sorting fabric.  Here is a look at the mess and one small portion done.  You can see what my favorite color is….

fabric to sortfabric sorted

That small pile on the left is only a fraction of odds and ends to sort.  There is a very large table in the next room, 4’ x 8’, also full of piles like that and I’ve put 2 boxes of fabrics like satins and velvets and one box of laces on a shelf in the next room.  I need to get stitching to make room for more fabric.

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