Friday, March 27, 2015

The rest of the birds; on to the next challenge


Day 12, Robin

It’s spring so I had to include a robin.  Here are the rest of the birds…...

day 13 the sparrowday 14 bird on a wire

day 15 the orioleDay 16, Bonapartes Gull

Day 17, chickadee day 18, tufted titmouseday 19, Michigan Loonday 20, hummingbird

I’m really pleased with how the birds came out; not so thrilled with the still life sketches in a similar sketchbook. This one is only 10 days, after tomorrow I’m half way home.  One thing that has surprised me about these sketchbooks is that watercolor crayon in many cases can be used right on top of the acrylic and show up.

Day 1, a pear Day 2, 2 pear

day 3, wine and bread day 4 more pears


Barb said...

They are wonderful!

Shez said...

They look wonderful, that background paper just set them off so well !!!

Joan Tavolott said...

Great pieces!!!