Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Zen and Art

I’m reading the “Zen of Seeing” by Frederick Franck.  Very interesting;however, slow going.  It is handwritten and his handwriting isn’t all that easy to read.  His concept is a good one… go slow, concentrate and really see what you are drawing.
It’s rather like art as prayer in that one gets lost in the process.  I’ve always felt that way; however, I don’t always work slowly and really look so I decided to give it a try.  That’s what my dailies have been this week and so far I’m liking them. 
The berries above were the first ones I concentrated on.  Day 2  and 3 -- just ink, no color, from a juniper bush.  The big one the first day, the smaller piece the 2nd day.

Today my Tuesday Group painted at the library and I did a couple branches from a bush that was just out the front window. 

This is so totally different than my usual practice which is a quick sketch, usually in pencil, then ink and color.  These are done with ink, no pencil first, then If I’m adding color it’s last.  The first one, day 1, I used my Inktense pencils for the color.  Today I used my watercolors.  I like the result so I think I’ll keep going.


Joan Tavolott said...

Helen, I really like the simplicity of the last few...and love how they extend from the border. Nicely done!!!

Terry said...

Beautiful, Liz