Thursday, May 5, 2016

More Work On The Winter Blanket and Sorting

I'm working on the winter blanket, a bit at a time.  I did a bit more on the center block, the one I didn't like.  Since I have so much lace I decided to add some to this one

and since I was using things I already had, something I like to do, this fish got a spot on the quilt but it needed water so I added a few waves.

this is a wallet to go with the bag I use for a purse when we travel.  The bag is big enough for some sketching materials and a purse so I can carry it on along with my carry on bag.  The wallet will hold a passport or other papers.

Another project, sorting old photos and I realize I was once much more colorful than I am now.  That's me in the white with colorful strips.  It's a jacket I designed and made, no pattern but I think I could repeat it.  It's crochet and I do still have some yarn.  The one below is me with my parents.  I know I made the white top but look how colorful the shirt is.  I need to get back to colorful.

Ahh, but alas, I looked at the yarn I have left and it appears that I have either used up or given away all that is colorful.  Parting with old things is hard for me to do.  I looked in the cedar chest and the only color I found left were these... not going to make it without some that is a whole lot brighter..  Guess I'll need to visit a yarn shop.

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Joan Tavolott said...

I had to smile at the "colorful" you. Nice photos. I like the way the winter blanket is coming along.