Monday, December 12, 2016

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Sinterklaas is out along with a few Santas that haven't gone to Marshall's yet.  Not this one; I made this guy for my husband.  

Most of these are Marshall's.  The exception it the tall one in red.  That one is mine, made from one of my dad's red sweaters.  And the next one, made from a patched Pendelton shirt of my husband's.  Of course, eventually they will all go to Marshall but for now they live here with Ed and me.

This little green Santa goes so nicely with the three green trees, He will live in the den this Christmas

My collection is angels though my Grandson would just as soon I not put them out; he doesn't like girl angels.  Most of mine go on the tree but I have a few that get scattered around the house.

And finally, the tree is ready with the lights on.  Now it waits for Warner to help me decorate.
Meanwhile, I have more Christmas to get out.  I've been doing a little bit every day, singing along with the Carols that are playing on my computer.


Ameli said...

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Joan Tavolott said...

Love all your collections!! Your home looks lovely all decorated for Christmas. I have decorated and have done some baking. My shopping is finished...but the gifts still need to be wrapped. Then there are the Christmas foods I still need to make like pierogi and my mom's homemade bread. Enjoy!!