Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost finished the pour

Several pours later and the mask removed... it's now hanging on a wall in my studio so I can study it.  That silver spot at the top is a giant clothes pin I use to hang paintings in process.  The wall is not readily visable as I work on other projects so I get glimpses... that way when I look at it carefully I'm getting a fresh look.  I still need to add the detail to the door but beyond that I'm still thinking about what it needs.  I see a problem in the lower right corner that needs more dark, part of one of the cross bases is floating.  I'm also leaning toward another light wash on the lightest parts.  Final decisions on this won't be made right away, it needs to sit awhile.
The boat... a disaster.  I love the shapes, everything about it but the colors... I used Winsors, Red, Yellow and Blue and I don't like the resulting darks... very muddy.  So that one will get scrubbed and become a mixed media piece.  I haven't taken another picture yet but will try to remember to do that before I start on it again.


Joan said...

I LOVE seeing your progress on this!!!

Cathy Gatland said...

It's looking wonderful Helen - sorry to hear about the boat, but reassuring to know that we all have disasters!