Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally putting paint to paper

Finally, the transfer of the drawing is complete, I've decided on the colors, painted the door blue and added just a touch of the blue on the window before masking them and then did the first pour to take the white out.  The first pour was Raw Sienna.  I want an old look so I decided to use Minnesota Pipesto (Daniel Smith,) Indigo and Raw Sienna.  I've never used these three for a pour so from here on it's experimental as well.
I also did a couple more layers (pours) on the boat and did a little 2" x 2" of an English Cottage.  In addition I started a piece with dancers but more time was spent working out how I would do that than on getting it started.  Next post I'll have something to show I hope. 

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Joan said...

I'll be back to see the next stage!!