Saturday, September 5, 2009

Studio Tour and a sketch

The camera has been found.  Some might say this studio is still a bit messy; however,  I work on a variety of things at once and they are out while I'm working on them, to me this is spiffy.  The first photo is what you see when you walk in from the house.  That's commercial size jelly roll pan on my easel.  Since most of my paintings are poured so that's my support, it catches the paint (which I save one way or another.)  The table under the larger window is where I do most of my drawing and work on fabric collages that become pins.

enter 1 enter 2

The right side of the island is where I mask for pouring and do the tempera resist paintings. The small white cupboard holds tools and supplies for dolls heads.  The rest of the doll construction takes place in my sewing room in the basement.   To the right of the cabinet is the matting and framing station. 

enter 3 enter 4

And here are a couple views if you come in from the outside.

 french d enter 3 french d enter 4

I am fortunate to have a small office too.  Here's a view of that.  Notice the coffee table, I am so in love with that.  My thoughtful son gave me a type box for my birthday one year and I built a coffee table using it as the top.  I have another one that's larger and someday it's going to become a desk I think.  My computer and files are on the wall that you can't see.


Now that it's all clean the challenge is to keep in that way.  Having some clear surfaces gave me room to work on a couple pieces but they aren't done yet so I won't post for a few more days.  I did get some quick sketches done for a commission I'm working on.  I do pen and ink drawings of homes; I especially love to do older homes and this one is a folk style home that has been lovingly restored.  The sketches are pencil in my sketchbook... just trying on views.

Peggy's house rough sketch


Joan said...

Thanks for the studio tour. I'm so jealous of the space you have!

Cathy Gatland said...

Your studio looks like a busy and creative (plus well-organised and tidy!) place. I keep trying to sort out mine and within days its back to chaos again!

Judybec said...

lovely Helen! I enjoy seeing your studio ---and it doesn't look a bit messy! Sounds like you've got quite a few projects you're working on.