Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Tempera Resist and Thoughts on Sorting

Does anyone else find that when you organize things and give everything a home, a day or two later you can't remember where that home is.  That's what has happened here and it happens so often.  I've put my camera somewhere and right now I have no idea where that somewhere is so I can't show you what my project has been this week... project clear clutter and find homes for the clutter that can't go away and then clean... I'm not done but even with one more surface to tackle it's looking so spiffy.  Now if I could just remember where I put the camera I could take a photo and show you how spiffy.  Oh well.

I did do some more experimenting with the tempera resist in between clearing clutter.  I came across a drawing I had done for a lesson from a Charles Reid book and decided to see how it would work using the tempera resist technique.  Not too bad but not there yet.  Another piece I came across was a drawing of some bottles.  I've used this image a lot and thought it might just work for this technique.  I think it's more successful than the Charles Reid lesson.

tempera resist ala Chas Reid tempera bottls

When I find the camera I'll post my nice spiffy studio...that is if it's still nice and spiffy by the time I find it.

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Joan said...

Can't wait to see the spiffy studio and the new work. Go look for your camera!!! I try to keep mine in the same place all the time so I don't lose it.