Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Old Works & Some Christmas

I haven't been painting, Christmas gifts are in the works and that has taken up painting time.   But first, some old works... My son has been remodeling their house and they are now in and decorating.  There were a couple of  paintings from my own collection that they wanted so I framed them and gave them to them.  Here they are, you can see boats is not a new theme for me, these are oils that I did when I first tried painting back in the 60's.
helen rowboat oil fishing shack oil
and while going through old works I came across this one that I did of my mother-in-law several years back.  I think I'd like to do more people.
mother lystra sewing
And getting ready for Christmas...
My friend Annie Morgan gets credit for the idea here... we put some trinkets, beads, buttons and game pieces in wine glasses and covered them with resin which gave a flat surface to put a tea light on.  Then we wrapped the tea light hold in brass... the result....
wine glass tea lights wine tea light from top
Still more in the works and I'll try to post before Friday.  If I don't, I hope you have a Blessed Christmas


Joan said...

Nice paintings you found!!! I like the portrait and you should definitely do more people. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Desiree said...

I agree with Joan, do more people, you did a great job. I know how the holidays tend to suck the time away from painting, enjoy the break! Have a Merry Christmas