Monday, January 11, 2010

Postcards and sketches

Every year the Muskegon Museum of Art holds a Postcard Salon Exhibition and Sale.  It's a fundraiser and a fun event.  Artists may submit up to 5 postcards, unframed and all the same size 4x6.  The postcards are exhibited and a Salon and Sale is held in February when museum attendees may see all the work, leave the room, at the signal go back and take the postcards you want (if you get to them before someone else did) and pay the cashier.  The museum gets 1/2, the artist gets 1/2 and everyone gets a chance at some really good art for $30 per postcard.  I'm doing pears this year... well, that's what four of them will be I think.  I was going to do bottles and got done, the next one didn't work so I tried a couple pears, liked them and now will do a couple more.  As I said, .... I think, because if the next two pear postcards don't turn out... I still have time to try the bottles again.  Here are the three postcards that are done...

postcards 2 pear and a bottle


I also did a sketch for the weekend drawing event... this is for the New Years weekend, I'm a week behind.

1 1 2010 Mission

One thing I realize is that I'm not doing enough of this sketching with my paints.  I need to get back to doing that.  I also need to get to work on some major pieces.  There are some competitions  coming up that I should enter but I need new work to do it.


Desiree said...

Wow, I love all of them, you did a great job on the glass! I will be interested to know how the sale goes, how fun. Kinda sounds like the old Mervyns sale, women fighting over things! LOL

Joan said...

What a fun idea for a fundraiser!!! These are great...I especially love the trio of pears. I too am picturing people elbowing each other to get the postcards they want!

Judy Hayner, ExecDir of MMA said...

Thank you, Helen, for doing such a great job of talking up Postcard Salon. It is such a fun experience for us as well. We all get excited to see the postcards as they are coming in (which they are by the dozens!) this week. Next week, we will start to hang the hundreds, yes, hundreds!, that we have received. The exhibition opens the 28th; the sale is February 4.