Friday, January 15, 2010

More pears and a scavenger hunt

One of my goals for 2010 is to get back to sketching every day.  It's something that I tell my students that they must do and yet this past year I've slacked off and I can tell it when I sketch or draw. has a group that does a scavenger hunt every week.  For me it's a good way to make sure I sketch something everyday and it's fun figuring out what to sketch that's on the list.  Here are my entries so far this week....

Skavenger hunt  wk 2 1 Skavenger hunt wk 2 2

I also finished two more pear postcards for the MMA Postcard Salon.

postcards pears

Today I plan to finish a couple drawings, the first step in what will become poured paintings, more scavenger hunt and it's the weekend so there will be a weekend drawing event on the wetcanvas site, I'll have to check that out.


Joan said...

The scavenger hunts are such a great way to practice drawing. I really enjoy them and have seen my artwork grow tremendously due to all the sketching. I'm glad you're joining in the fun.

Judybec said...

nice sketching! -- it's so good to do everyday -- keep em coming!