Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some different techniques

We one is different, the other I’ve is a technique I’ve posted in the past.  I need to work out a routine that allows more studio time and time to post on my blog.  Between having my grandson here two days a week, teaching one day a week and my Fridays with Art Buddies, I’m not getting any major works produced.  That has to change as I have shows coming up and new work is required.  I haven’t been totally idle, small size monoprints I can work on in the kitchen while Warner  chats or sleeps.   This one is part of my Sacred Spaces series.

Remembering Holy Island

The other technique utilizes transparencies and hand sanitizer.  It’s one of many transfer techniques and a new one for me.  This is one reason I treasure my Fridays with my art buddies.  We are all constantly experimenting and sharing.  Annie Morgan is the one who does the most experimenting and she discovered this technique.  She doesn’t have a web site or a blog so I can’t give you a link.  She is working on it though.  Here are a couple of the transfers.

moorish done granada palace small file

I’m working on more of the small monoprints and more transfers.  As I go along I’ll photograph the steps and post them. 


Dean H. said...

At least you're staying really busy! Have to work more art time in. :)
Love the hand sanitizer transfers!

Joan said...

It's good to see you posting. Time does disappear, but I'm sure the time with your family is really important to you. I like the hand sanitizer transfers. I'll be watching to see more about them. I'm taking a collage class soon, so new ideas will be welcome.