Friday, March 5, 2010

Just letting you know I’m still here

I’ve had some computer problems, major problems.  As a result I’m on a new computer and having to reinstall several programs, adjust settings, figure out the glitches, you know the drill.  I’m still working on it but I have most of the problems sorted out.  I still have an e-mail glitch but I can live with it until someone who is smarter than I am about these things comes over and looks at what is happening.  I’ll be back to painting soon. 

Meanwhile, since I don’t have any new art to post, I’ll post a picture of something else that is taking  up much of my time…. and I love it!

his nibs again


Joan said...

He alread looks so much bigger!!! Enjoy him...he won't be small for long.

Judybec said...

Oh so sweet!

Dean H. said...

Ah yes...I see why you're busy. What a happy way to be busy!