Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mixed Media Symbol

Beatitudes Symbol

No, this isn’t the instructions on using the hand sanitizer for a transfer.  I’m still working on that; however, I did use the technique in this piece.

I did this piece as a symbol of the rule or way of life to which I feel called through the Beatitudes.  Back in 2008 I joined a group at our church for a study called “Companions in Christ, A small-group experience in spiritual formation.”  It started as a 26 week study.  We finished that first one in 2008 but wanted to keep going and found that there were  several more short studies, part of the same Companions program.   Nine of us are still studying together, challenging ourselves, learning, gaining strength in our faith, questioning.  It’s a great experience, I love everyone one of my 8 other companions and look forward to beginning yet another study next Sunday.  

But before going on to the next study, the last one was on the Beatitudes and making the symbol was the final assignment.   In the study I learned that I am not nearly as well grounded in my faith as I thought I was, there is so much more room to grow.  I made this small wall hanging to hang in a place where I see it every morning when I’m getting ready for my day and every evening when as I get ready for sleep. 

I started with an image of an encaustic painting that I had done awhile back.  I transferred the image to cotton fabric using the hand sanitizer.   I quilted that piece, attached it to a piece of ultra suede which I attached to a piece of lutradur that I had been experimenting with, then a piece of unbleached muslin and finally another quilted piece that I had in my stash of stuff that I didn’t know what I was going to do with.  The words were added under the window… “Window Open, Mind Open, Searching, Creating, Praying.”  These are the things I need to remember, to concentrate on. Searching or learning is represented by the trellis which I’ve made into a ladder.  I’ve put some breaks in it to remind me that falling is ok, I can get back up and there are some places that it would be difficult to step on to remind me that I can keep going even if the road is bumpy.  The last piece I added is a charm dangling on the side, a fish, a reminder that He is always with me.

Now I’m looking forward to the next study, this time we’re moving away from the Companions Series, doing “Invitation to the Psalms.”  I’ll also be working on the instructions for the transfer technique.


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This looks like a wonderful insprational piece to look at and remind us of what is important in life!

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