Monday, April 26, 2010

More Mono-prints and a sketch

Why have I avoided drawing my grandson?  I have no idea but I finally did a quick sketch this weekend.  We had been out with the kids for a family photo session in a woodland park here in Grand Haven, Duncan Park.  The outdoor air wore the little guy out so while the rest of us were having breakfast, he was snoozing.

warner 4 24_edited-1

I’m going to have to do a painting one of these days. 

Meanwhile, I’m really loving the monoprinting.  Here are a few of my favorites from the 10 I did on Friday.

Flea Market Series #8 Marine Memories

Artisans Gallery #2

Remembering Holy Island 2

Now that I’ve seen how they come out using the press I really want to go back and do repeats of some that I did before.  They won’t be the same and I really like both results.  Here is an example of the last one done using a different format and printing by hand.

Remembering Holy Island

Do you have a preference?  These are for an exhibit that is opening at the Gallery Uptown May 7.  There will be 10 watercolor artists in the exhibit, all the same medium but vastly different in style.  It’s going to be an interesting exhibit.


Beth Parker said...

Helen, I love your baby sketch! I'm glad you quit resisting! The monoprints are wonderful, too! You are so creative!

Joan said...

Helen - The sketch of the baby is just precious!!! I love the monoprints and each way of doing them seems to have it's benefits. The ones done with the press seem darker and more "print like." But the ones done by hand look more "hand made" which I like too.