Saturday, May 7, 2011


My computer is still sick; it’s frustrating and causing me to slack off on things I should be doing on it.  Love ‘em when they’re running well but when they’re not it’s hell.  Well, not exactly hell but not a good thing either.

I’m gradually figuring out how to get to programs; however, the one I use for updating my blog is one that I have trouble finding every time.  It’s not that it moves, it stays put but I seem to lose the way to get to it.  I can’t blame that on the computer, it’s my mind that isn’t working.

So where does this leave my blog?  Well, I still plan to keep it going but as long as I’m not able to post as often I’m going to spend some time thinking about the direction I want to take it.  It’s time to do some revamping to make it better for me and for readers.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Dean H. said...

Sorry to see the puter's still messing up, Helen. You have the right idea...use bad events to your advantage by using your downtime well.

suzannepaints said...

I know this same frustration. We will be eagerly awaiting your painting posts.