Monday, May 16, 2011

Plein Air and Jewelry


It isn’t really a plein air piece just practice.  I am committed to doing plein air this summer.  It’s something I quit doing a few years back and I miss it.  Seems I needed a push to get going again and I got just that from a friend who has taken up painting.  She wants to learn so she asked me if we could set a time to do it on a regular basis this summer.

We’re starting a week from tomorrow.  When I saw this image on the Weekend Drawing Event (WDE) over on the wetcanvas site it seemed a good image to practice on.

I’m also working on some poured pieces but they go slowly.  So while waiting for things to dry there I made more jewelry.

The first two pieces are Steampunk, a necklace and a broach.  Both have watch parts, a cameo and part of an old bracelet.  The broach is backed with part of a doily that has been stiffened with gel medium and the necklace is backed with an old poker chip. 

steam punk angel pin steam punk angel necklace

The third piece is another necklace, this time made from a scrap of copper, part of a painting on canvas that I didn’t like so I cut it up, part of a Godiva Chocolate tin and a few beads.

copper and blue necklace

The jewelry is just for me and maybe some gifts; I’m still a rank beginner at metal jewelry so I don’t feel ready to sell any of it.  However, I do have one of the best instructors around.  I wish she would get her website going so I could point you all over there.  I am having fun doing it and may end up doing some wall pieces using the metal – fabric combination. 

I’m still dealing with computer issues; however, I am beginning to find my way around a bit easier.  Changes to the site are still in the thinking stages but changes will be coming.

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