Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sun, Wind and Water

Saturday was beautiful but windy.  I sat on the beach, listened to the pounding surf and sketched the the stairs coming down to the beach.  God has created a beautiful world and I find that is especially true in Michigan.  I do love my state.

I traveled south to Fennville where they were hosting a paint out at Pier Cove Park.  The lovely lavender Money Plant blossoms where out, the beach grass was spreading, the sand was warm and even though my sketch shows that I need to work at this more – it was fun.  This is part of the scene I was working on, without the other artist. 

what I was painting

Weathered wood and texture are among the things that I am drawn to so this was a natural, besides I liked the way the sun was warming me when I sat viewing this scene.

unfinshed sketch

I didn’t finish.  A lesson learned that day; don’t plan on painting for a long time if there are no bathrooms close by. 

half of sketch other half

Here’s another scene I liked but the sun was wrong for painting it.  Not necessarily for the scene but for the way it was hitting me.scene not painted shoreline

On the way back home I stopped for lunch and found these beautiful Iris outside the restaurant.  The Iris, especially this color, is one of my favorite flowers.

Iris 2 iris 1

Inside the restaurant while I waited for my lunch, I did a little sketching.  I wonder, perhaps a series of Salt and Pepper Shakers…. hmmmm.

at lunch for web

Plein Air Painting is a wonderful way to spend a day.


Shez said...

Lovely Helen, your day sounds so blissful, takes me right there with you.....ahhhhh (smile).
I really like your new look here on your blog, very nice, and it suits you so well, water, ocean,sky, sand, blues perfect. Take care my friend.....

Jo Castillo said...

Plein air with someone is so wonderful. Your painting and sketches are great. Thanks for posting.

Dean H. said...

What a beautiful way to spend a day, Helen!
Had to laugh about the restroom very true!
Love the sketches!