Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tree That Was

The last time I was out sketching was in 2007 and this is one of my sketches done at that time.

June 14 tree done in 2007

We went back to that same site today.  Two things have changed – the tree and my ability to zero in on a subject.  Neither has changed for the better.  The tree has died and instead of zeroing in on the tree which is what I had intended to paint, I tried to put way too much in.  The result is only so/so but it does remind me that I need to focus on my subject.

June 14, across the river, from Jane's

I also need to do more brushwork.  For the past several years I have been doing very careful drawings and then pouring paint so very little brushwork has been going on in this studio.  It shows.

I don’t plan to quit doing the poured pieces, I love doing them; however, I do want to be able to paint with a brush again too.  The answer – practice.  I really do enjoy being outside, feeling the warm sun, listening to nature, it’s calming.  I’ll keep doing both.


Helen Percy Lystra said...

I said last time -- not true. I meant last time before I started again this month.

Joan T said...

I was wondering why you haven't been posting much, and now I know why...you were hiding over here. I see you've been doing a lot of plein air painting...nice work!

Dean H. said...

Love the sun captured on the live tree, Helen.
Yes, please continue the poured paintings...they're wonderful!