Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

As I said, I wasn’t going to do it again.  Last time I got in late, didn’t have much of a choice in subjects for the book and the book arrived late so I didn’t have much time. 

However, most of that was my own fault for not signing up early so I decided to give it a go again and this time I signed up way before the deadline.

So, it has arrived and I’ve decided it will  travel along with my on my daily travels be they to Bay View or my back yard. 

Sketchbook project start

And that’s what the first two entries are – a view from Bay View’s Memorial Garden on the left and a view in my back yard on the right.

The next entry is a friend’s yard where I went yesterday to do some plein air painting with she and another friend.  She has some beautiful gardens so sketching was fun in spite of the heat and believe me it was HOT.

Day 3 

We’ll see what today brings. One thing I hope to accomplish with this is to get back in the habit of sketching every day.  It’s something I did for years and I know my drawing improves – all of my artwork improves when I do that.

Here’s another sketch from yesterday; this one done in my regular sketchbook…

July 19, Hanbys

You can see an expanded view of the garden I was in yesterday.


Dean H. said...

While they're all well done,I especially like the view of your garden in the first picture.

Daily sketching is VERY important...I have to start doing it.

Anonymous said...

Love them all but especially the birches, they carry me North.

Julie said...

I really enjoy seeing your sketchbooks!

suzannepaints said...

Your contributions are lovely. I would love to do this. Beautiful work!

Joan T said...

Glad you are participating too! These are nicely done. Are you using the paper as is, or did you change it like me?

Carrie H. said...

Great idea. I didn't know they did the sketchbooks again.
You must be half way finished by now!

Ai said...

This is lovely sketches, Helen.