Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unexpected Pleasures

When I’m off to the Terrace Inn at Bay View I always expect relaxation and time to devote totally to art.  This year was no different but there were a couple of added bonuses.

I enjoy this week with another artist friend, Terry Brancheau.  While I am usually engrossed in my painting, Terry, a former teacher, is painting but making new friends at the same time.  One evening friends of mine from college and friends Terry made while there had one of those spontaneous evenings that are such fun even though the group hardly knows each other.  Have you ever had one of those experiences?  I treasure those kind of memories.

Memorial Garden Birch sm version chapel

Another highlight – WISDOM, Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialog and Outreach in Metro-Detroit.  Bay View is a Chautauqua so there is always an opportunity to learn something.   This year a panel discussion was a highlight.  Five women, a Jew, a Muslim, a Baha’i, a Hindu and a Christian discussing their faith but more importantly how their association with each other made their own faith stronger. 

And then there was Lavender Hill Farm where we learned so much about Lavender, took some wonderful photos and did a bit of sketching – though not in color.

Lavendar Hill Farm

It was a wonderful week as always.  Our hosts are Patty and Mo at the Terrace Inn.  If you are planning a trip to the area do stop at the Inn, it’s a pleasant place to stay.  Even if you don’t stay go for lunch or dinner, the food is excellent.  Terry and I have already made arrangements to go back next year.

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suzannepaints said...

Wonderful! Love your comments about the spontaneous evening. A gift from above.