Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clearing Clutter, this time for real

I am so pleased – it’s been three weeks and I can still see the top of my desk.

clear desk top That may not seem to be a major accomplishment to some of you but I hope I’m not the only one who constantly has a stack of who knows what on her desktop.  For those clean desk people out there, it’s really tough keeping it clear when you know that everything can somehow be used in a piece of art – if you live long enough.

Not only is the desk clear, I have three chairs in my office and they’re clear too.  One of them is at my desk and it’s usually clear because I use it the most.  A second one is there for me to sit in to read when I’m not on my computer and a third is there because it’s a sentimental one and there’s room for it. 

I’ve rarely sat in the one that’s there to read because the books I plan to read are usually stacked on it along with various other items that I’m not sure what to do with.  The one with sentimental value is also rarely visible because of clutter piled high on it.  Three weeks and they are still clear of clutter too.  It has not been easy but I’ve done it.  My spouse thinks it’s pretty sad that having a clear desk for three weeks makes me feel sooooooo good.  A friend (who knows my spouse) sent me this card by Curly Girl Design and I love it!wasting time Now onto the rest of my studio; that’s far from done.  And it’s not going to be done quickly.  I am really sorting, going through every pile including all of the art supplies (some that I just had to have but used once and decided that just wasn’t for me.) 

And I’m really having to struggle but I’m managing not to get sidetracked by something that screams at me --- “oh, here I am and look at what you can do with me if you’ll just take a few minutes….”  I’m resisting so far, well mostly.  There have been a couple of slips. 

Anyway, back to the sorting; if I don’t have a use for it there are four piles – one to give to another artist who will use it, one to send off to whatever family member should have it (and they can pitch if they like,) one that may require a second look and one to go out with the trash.  Three large garbage bags have gone out so far.

Some artwork is getting done in spite of the clutter clearing – just not in my studio.  Some friends and I do try to get out sketching at least one morning every week.  This week we were enjoying the beautiful color that is everywhere here in Michigan

fall colorHopefully I’ll have another area free of clutter by this time next week.


"JeanneG" said...

Good job. As for me, I think I like my clutter too much.

Jo Castillo said...

Helen, my desk is always full of clutter. Maybe going into a new studio will give me incentive to stay clean. I can only hope ... oh, and work at it as you are. Congratulations on a great start!

Joan T said...

I'm glad to see that cleaning out your studio hasn't kept you too busy to get art done. The color on the trees is only there for a short time...make the most of it. lol Maybe if I look at your neat desk for a while it will inspire me.