Friday, November 18, 2011

A Photoshop Collage

Mardi Gras originalThis isn’t it, this is the before.   The next one is the collage I did today.   Yesterday I spent an enjoyable afternoon with my good friend Annie Morgan.  She was working on figuring out how an image was going to look – the end result – by layering in Photoshop so I got a short lesson.

This morning was my morning to read some blogs and one link led to another and I was at Inspiration Avenue’s weekly challenge – Harlequin.  When you’re done here head over and check out the other Harlequin entries.

I thought of the piece above that I’d done awhile back; however, it wasn’t something I did this week and it lacked punch soooooo – let’s try what Annie taught me.

Mardi Gras

Much better, just three Photoshop layers: a yellow background, the original but more transparent so the yellow shows through and finally, the type:  “There will be parties and mystery tonight.”  I’m happy with it and now all sorts of ideas are wandering around in my head.


Dean H. said...

This looks great, Helen! I use Painter.Net. But I only know enough to use it as a photo editor.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

photoshop is great fun.... but almost too many possibilities sometimes... glad you took part in the challenge because this is really lovely xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous interpretation of the theme. I have PS, but I sure don't know how to do what you did. Great job!

priti.lisa said...

It's beautiful Helen!
Photoshop is beyond me,,,I am impressed♥