Monday, February 27, 2012

“In For The Night” and another in the works

I’m back and feeling much better.  Back into the studio feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work.  When we left I left this one hanging.  I didn’t like it when I took the mask off but I know that sometimes when we put them away and get them out a couple weeks later they look better than we thought.  When I first removed the mask and hung in on the wall this is what it looked like to me. 

In for the night first look

I adjusted the photo in Photoshop to more accurately show what I first thought I saw.  I was expecting more vivid and didn’t think I got it.  I didn’t do anything more to it, just left it and left town for 10 days so I didn’t even glance at it.  When we returned and I walked into my studio this is what I saw.

In for the nightSo much closer to my vision.  I’m leaving it hang for awhile because while we were away I realized I really need some brightness in my life and my work and may want to add more to this. 

Meanwhile, I’ve started work on another one that I’m thinking will be called “Still Working.”  Here is the start of the initial drawing.  I always do my value study as a careful drawing rather than a rough sketch because I like drawing and I can eventually use the image to transfer to my watercolor paper.  I’ve got a couple more photos of this old boat so there will probably be more than one painting of it eventually.

Port Salerno boat stern drawing

And just because I haven’t done a WDE (Weekend Drawing Event) in a very long time, last night while watching the Oscar pre-show I did a couple quick watercolor sketches from the images Bonnie posted.

2 23 12  bonnies treesHere’s a link to the WetCanvas All Media Art Events site where the Weekend Drawing Events happen every weekend.  

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Joan T said...

I like this one of the boats. Glad to hear you came back feeling refreshed!