Friday, February 3, 2012

I need a little sunshine

I love winter when it snows.  I detest winter when there is no snow and the world around me is grey and dirty.  Unfortunately, this winter is of the grey and dirty variety.  The last time we had a winter like this was 1982.  I know that because we have this photograph of my son and I on the pier Christmas day when he was 4.

mf and h on pier xmas 82

That year by the end of March I was a basket case.  This year the depression has begun and before it really gets me, we’re heading south for a short break.

I’m hoping that by the time we get back we’ll have snow.  At least we have another ski week planned and there is snow on those hills so that will feel better.

Meanwhile, here’s another of  my mixed media daily pieces.  This one is an encaustic.  I started with an acrylic on canvas that I didn’t like and some strips of a watercolor that didn’t work.  I wove the strips and glued that to the acrylic piece.   A layer of encaustic followed and I added a tissue layer with a sketch of the lilies on it.  More encaustic, a little more color added and it was done.  I’m pleased with the result.

I’m also working on a quilt project. has a free block of the month workshop.  I’m doing two projects… this one is going to be a table runner for Christmas.january red

I’m also going to make one for our bed.  I made my first quilt 31 years ago.  This is my second.  Actually, for some reason I am feeling a real urge to stitch rather than paint so it must be what I’m suppose to be doing right now.

quilt squar 2 january

I am going to take my paints along with me to the warmer weather though.


suzannepaints said...

Give this girl some sunshine, please, dear God. Love the photo!

Dean H. said...

The encaustic is wonderful, Helen!

Afraid I must differ a bit with you on wanting snow. I'm happy with the warmth in OH. Snow does LOOK wonderful, but for me, it ends there. :)

Joan T said...

A little sunshine would be nice!!! We had a dusting of snow today, but not enough to even want to paint something...but I may force myself anyway. Have a fun trip!!