Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lots of sketching lately


San Juan done

This is today’s sketch, over at wetcanvas there is always a weekend drawing event.  This is one of the images from that event.

I’ve also be doing an on-line class about travel journaling. I didn’t learn anything new but it did get me started on something I may do with more of our trips.  We worked from photographs so the one I’m doing for the class is on 2012 trip to Florida.  We visited Ed’s brother in Ft. Pierce and made some side trips…. Vero Beach, Port Salerno and South Beach.  These are the pieces I’ve done so far….

Ft Pierce sign journal page

final ft pierce tiki

art deco 1

And this morning I copied one I had actually done while we were there.  I always have a sketchbook in my purse and sketch while we are waiting for a meal or a drink… yes, I can sketch and talk at the same time…. Here’s the original from my purse sketchbook and the copy for the travel journal.

Restaurant Row for a drink

the tides

We’ve had some wonderful trips and I have tons of photos that I never look at. This is more me than scrapbooking.  I think future trips may include a travel sketchbook in the purse instead of my moleskin.


Beth Parker said...

Hi Helen! These sketches are wonderful! I'd love to see you do lots of these!!! ((hugs))

Joan T said...

Fun travel sketches. You know me...I love travel and sketching while I'm away. I hope you plan on doing more.