Sunday, June 2, 2013

More sketching done

6 2 13 greek church

There was a time when I was on the wetcanvas site every weekend for the weekend drawing event.  Somehow I got away from it and it shows in my work.  The concept is to work for two hours on whatever image one chooses from the choices given. 

I always challenged myself to get it done in two hours or less and then, when someone was doing something with a different medium I’d sometimes play with that too.  I’m recalling one weekend when several of us used oil pastels and a hotplate… before we knew about encaustics.

But I digress…. The past couple of weekends I’ve been back and I am once again challenging myself to finish quickly.  Didn’t quite make it with the Greek Church which seemed to take forever to draw.  The painting part went quickly once I decided to just call it done on the drawing part.

Since I wasn’t real happy with what took me almost the full two hours I decided to try another simpler image… a country church.  Better results as far as my challenge goes and an okay sketch.  This one took about 20 minutes total

.6 2 13 country church

Getting ready to start spending more time outside sketching,  I have two plein air dates this week and next week I head up to Petoskey where I’ll do a bit of plein air sketching every day.  I’m a fair weather outdoor sketcher.  Much as I love winter, I don’t like sitting outdoors sketching.

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Joan T said...

It is great that you still get over and do the WDEs. I always enjoy doing them, but don't get myself motivated to do them often enough. I guess I'm out plein air painting instead. These look good!