Thursday, January 16, 2014

The daily sketches & thoughts on ways to practice

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This one is from a favorite website’s weekend drawing event.  Over on there is a group that gathers on weekends to do two hour paintings. A member of the group posts 16 photos, the participants have half an hour to pick one and then two hours to work on it before posting the results. It’s a good learning tool and you will find all levels of artists from beginner to seasoned professional.  If you’re interested here’s a link to the site.  The weekend drawing event is in the forums and is titled All Media Art Events.

To be fair, not everyone takes the two hours, I spent less than an hour on this sketch. Some take longer but post at the two hour mark and then go back to finish.  And some who aren’t confident in their work yet, do the painting but don’t post.  Looking at how others treated the subject they worked on helps them to see where they are and often, that they are better than they think they are. 

I am remembering one of the artists we lost to cancer, Connie was prolific, she really worked at it and her skill level improved dramatically.  When she started there was no question, she was a rank beginner.  I have a couple of pieces she did when the group did an exchange and frankly, the first one is horrid.  However,the second one done in a later exchange is worth framing.  It was fun watching her participate and progress in her skill levels.

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This is another way to practice, carry a sketchbook with you always.  No need to share what you sketch but whenever you have down time draw.  I’m one of those who everyone thinks is distracted or not paying attention because I’m doodling or sketching but it happens I hear better when my hands are busy. This one was done in church.

daily 1 15

And this one was done when I was a few minutes early, done in less than five minutes because the others I was meeting arrived before I got any further.

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Joan Tavolott said...

The building came out nice, Helen. I haven't been over to the WDE in so long. I'll have to pop in one weekend. Glad to see you are sketching a lot. I try to keep a sketchbook with me too. It helps pass time when you are waiting for appointments or people.