Monday, February 10, 2014

About dailies and other stuff

I spent a lot of time downloading and resizing my dailies but for some reason even though I saved them as j-pegs, Photoshop doesn’t recognize them and I can’t open again.  Sooooooo, I’m posting a photo of two of my favorite guys…. Warner’s first ride on a chairlift.

Marshall and Warner on chairlift

He loved it… Ed and our boys had a good time on the slopes, I stayed home with my sprained ankle.

I had some profound thoughts on creativity, wrote them down, edited them with plans to post on my blog.  Now they are buried somewhere.  Time to regroup!  Here’s one of my dailies, done last Tuesday looking out a friend’s window.

2014-02-04 12.20.58

Time to get ready for Warner, I’ll try to download again tomorrow.