Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art Quilts and Dailies



This is a work in process.  It’s a small  quilt, about 9 x 12 right now but still need to add it to a background.  I’m off to the fabric store today because in spite of having almost every color imaginable, I don’t have the exact color I want for this background.  Any excuse to buy more fabric.

And more of my dailies…. this month, windows.  And all of the squares with Zentangles…. beginning to think beyond the obvious.daily 2 15if all else fails doodle

daily 2 16

daily 2 17

I haven’t done anything with them yet but in the process of clearing some space in my studio I came across papers I had used to do gelatin plate prints on tags for Christmas gifts.  Perfect windows so I’ll do some collage with them.


Joan T said...

You always have so many things going, Helen. All of these are very nice.

artisoo said...

nice sketches!