Thursday, March 20, 2014

Still Evolving

Remember last week, I really didn’t like the way the piece was going.  Well, it’s back in play.  I still don’t’ know where it will end up but I’m liking the turn it took.

First, I removed some of the black and the cream color with alcohol.  I didn’t think I liked acrylics but I’m loving the look of texture that results by rubbing it away.  I also like that it can be rubbed away.

I probably should have taken another photo before I went to the next step but, as often happens when I’m “what iffing,” I was too engrossed to think about photographing.  So, you ask, what was the next step?

More collage.  While searching for something for another project I came across New York Times Magazine and National Geographic pages that I had treated with CitraSolv.  Colors and texture were perfect so here is the latest phase of that WIP

WIP I think there's hope

And here’s WIP 1 next to last weeks

WIP After 8x8 2wip 2 again

And here’s WIP 2 next to last weeks

WIP After 8x8 1wip 1 again

Here I’ve indicated where the collage is so you can see what got wiped away.

wip 2  showing collagewip 1 showing collage

These are all the same size, it’s the camera angle that is off.  The 2nd one has been turned so the dots are now vertical and I know I’m going to add a couple more.  Beyond that I have no idea where this is going to end up.

I’ve been working on the small ones too along with the collages and some art quilting.  Photos haven’t been taken of that progress yet,  That will be next week most likely.

Oh, and the dailies…. here are two, actually 4 because I did the drawing one day and painted the next on both of these.

march 17 and 19

march 18 and 20

That’s it for now….


Cathy Gatland said...

Some really interesting things you are doing Helen - love those textures, and I am glad to hear you can rub acrylic paint off too.

Joan T said...

It is interesting to see how you are progressing on these...I like them!