Saturday, March 15, 2014

The WHAT HAVE I DONE stage and other better things

The next stage of the WIP had me wondering what in the world I was thinking when I started this project.  This sure is looking hopeless.  That white block at the top is the clip on my wall holding it up.

WIP 2 the OMG what have I done stage

But there is still hope, I should have taken a photo of the next stage before I cut it into the 2 8x8s and 4 4x4s but I was so anxious to see what I had that I forgot.  Here they are:  the 2 8x8s followed by the 4 4x4s, still WIPS but I’m feeling like there is hope.

WIP After 8x8 1WIP After 8x8 2

WIP after the what have I done and cut up

Feeling better I started another mixed media piece.  This one started by collaging a lot of color on the surface.  It’s brighter than this shows on my computer, not sure how it will show up on yours.  I’m planning 4 8x8s out of this one, we’ll see how it goes.collage start march

In the meantime, I’ve joined the Lighthouse Quilt Guild and through the Guild took a quilting class from Mary Bajcz .  What a fun experience and here are two WIPS from that day.  The first one is suppose to be a circle but I didn’t cut the curve quit enough…. the fear factor, sewing curves; however, I like it and now to add me to the process, some handwork.

class project 2 wip

The second one I got a little braver and I’m really liking how this one is evolving.

class project wip

I also finished a block for the quilt in process that I started a year ago.  I thought it was done but once I layed it out I decided I needed 10 more blocks.  This is the first of that 10, a wonky star.

wonky star block

I do love wonky.  Here is the first log cabin block I did 35 years ago in a quilting class.  The teacher told me I had to “cut perfect strips, it was the only way to make a log cabin block.”  My response to that….

first log cabin, 1970s

I loved it, she didn’t.  I decided quilting wasn’t for me and didn’t do another until the one I started a year ago.  I’ve done a lot of experimenting with quilting since I got back to stitching.  Still finding my way but having a great time doing it.

I think I may need to start another blog for my dailies.  This is already way to long and I should post those daily.  Something to think about.

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