Saturday, December 13, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas

It’s time to get ready for my favorite season.  Yesterday the tree went up and our grandson helped me decorate.  He didn’t want to put the angels on, “angels are for girls,” so I did those.  Our decorations have changed the last few years.  In the past we’ve had two trees, one tall skinny one in the living room, a fake tree that held all white lights and my angel collection and one live tree in the family room that held colored lights, all of Marshall’s Santa ornaments and an assortment of other special homemade and gift ornaments.

Now it’s one tree, the tall skinny tree in the den, all white lights and an assortment of angels, a few Santa ornaments (most of Marshall’s have gone to his house) and other special homemade and gift ornaments.  Each ornament brings back a memory of Christmases past and special friends.  Next I’ll bring out the other decorations for the table, the mantle and the living room.

Oh and we have one small tree that once lived in our kitchen and held kitchen tools as ornaments.  During the Christmas season it now lives on our stairway landing serving as a nightlight. It becomes a single angle, the top is a needlepoint piece I did years ago when I still did that type of thing.


One Christmas custom that hasn’t changed, I do a painting or drawing that becomes our Christmas card.  The last several years it has been a winter scene.  Here are two of them.iced inMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

This year I’ve been stitching and thought I might not get a card done but this sketch I discovered in one of my sketchbooks and I think it may get done in time, if not for Christmas at least a New Years card.  The sketch is from a photo shared by a wetcanvas friend for one of the weekend drawing events.  I started it in November but didn’t get back to it until this weekend and then I found a challenge on the wetcanvas site and it fit what I was writing about this week.  Here’s a link to the challenge holly for 2014 card

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas Season, it’s a beautiful time of the year and a good time to say thank  you for all of the blessings in my life, including all of you who read my blog.


Torch Song Tango said...

Hi, Helen, I just linked to your site via the Artist's Network page, and just want to let you know how much I am enjoying your sketches. I look forward to seeing more of your journal work in 2015! Kelly

Joan Tavolott said...

Helen, your card sketches are lovely! Your last one with the leaves and colorful berries is so pretty. I always do a Christmas card to send out. Instead of doing a brand new sketch for my card this year I used one of the sketches I did at the beginning of the year when we were having so much snow. I had done so many of them then that it would be a shame not to use them for cards. In fact, I used a few to make cards for the WetCanvas Christmas Card exchange. That way everyone didn't get the same card. Happy Holidays!

Meghan said...

Helen, Congratulations! You are the winner of the December 2014 Artists Community Project. Thank you for sharing your special holiday art idea with the Artists Network community.

Please email me at and provide me your mailing address and favorite art medium. We will send you a special prize. Thanks!

Cherie Haas said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas cards! I'm sure they spread cheer to everyone who receives them! :)