Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dailies, a start

I’m participating in a challenge, A Painting A Day For Thirty Days over on  Leslie Saeta’s blog.   However, due to a cold, I haven’t posted every day there.  I have done two of the three days, cheated a little and did two yesterday.  And I still have to do todays but it will be later in the day.  Here are the three done so far….

Day 1, candy

daily candy 1.2

Days 2 and 3 both done on day 3

Kayaks from a photo posted as part of the wetcanvas weekend drawing event

daily wde kayaks

and an abstract from another photo, same drawing event. 

daily wde abstract

I have several things on my plate today but I will get another small painting done so I can post it on Leslie’s blog.


Joan Tavolott said...

Nice paintings! Glad to see another person I know is participating. I'm trying to keep 2 paintings ahead in case something comes up and I don't get to paint one day.

Shez said...

Good paintings Helen, I'm doing this Jan challenge too, as I had to stop the Sept one due to health problems...I haven't posted on FB as yet, but have done all the days so far, and working on day 4 Joan said above , nice to see others you know participating. :)

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Joan and Shez, Glad to see the two of you participating too. Joan, getting ahead is a good idea.