Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sketchbook Inspiration

I’m still doing Valri’s challenge and had an aha moment in the process.  I love to draw and often do the drawing first before painting; however, having done a very careful drawing, I end up being too tight when I paint. 

When I started doing the poured paintings I thought I had the answer; however, being a master at being a Jack of All trades and masking fluid having a shelf life, when I finally got to painting my masking fluid was too gummy.  The only answer was to buy it fresh when I was going to paint.  That has other complications but it’s doable.  If you’re not a regular follower, here’s an example of one of my poured pieces,

carefully drawn and then mask and pour the paint so it isn’t tight.

With the challenges I’ve been doing them in a handmade sketchbook made from junk papers that I’ve used to mop up paint or clean a brush or roller when making monoprints or monotypes.  Since the paper was already marked up with paint I could do a careful drawing and not worry about how I painted it.  The result is a loose look that I like very much.  So, the AHA moment – why not put some marks down on a larger sheet and do the same thing.

Next week I’ll be in Harbor Springs, one of my two annual art retreats with my friend Terry.  She doesn’t have a web presence for her art so I can’t provide a link.  However, I can tell you she is an excellent pastelist.

I’ll post the results of my week when I get back – good or bad.

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Joan Tavolott said...

Love the sunflower! Have a good time while you're gone.