Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sorting and More of the Challenge

day 4 more pears

I’m in the midst of sorting, rearranging and getting rid of stuff in my studio so I’m not getting much art done.  I am managing to work a little by continuing with Valri’s Art Challenges.

The next round of Valri’s Challenge was Still Life.  The pears and strawberries is my favorite of the ones I did.  I’ve been doing all of them in the same type of sketchbook I used for the birds, handmade out of junk papers that I used for picking up paint or cleaning a brush or roller. 

I shouldn’t call it junk paper, some of it is Dick Blick’s cheap drawing paper and it’s a decent paper. After the Still Life challenge we did people.  I decided if I was going to do people on junk paper it ought to be me that is looking a lot less than perfect so I did some self portraits.  This is my favorite of those….

day 4

The next challenge was boats which is a favorite subject of mine; however, it was during my husband’s rehab from the knee surgery and I was not getting much done.  I did manage to do one very day but not as well as I would have liked.  Here’s my favorite of those…

Day 6

And now we’re doing Fish…. It’s another subject I like but I do more fantasy fish than the real thing.  I did manage do do one that is real, a rainbow trout, and I’m pleased with how he turned out….

Day 4 Rainbow trout

The partial circle top left is part of a coffee filter from our hotel at Disney World and the rectangle lower right is a tea bag.  Both were glued to the junk paper just to add another dimension.

Time to get back to my sorting….

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