Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Almost Ready

Next week Art Walk opens here in Grand Haven.  I have entered in two categories, painting and mixed media.  The painting has been done, just needs a title and then photographed and framed.

This morning I finished the mixed media piece…

Artisan Gallery small

It’s a monoprint with collage added but this time I did a little experimenting.  I added some copper, the door.  To hold it in place I used industrial strength double sided tape, a carpet tack for a door handle and small nails opposite the door handle and to add an accent to the window,  It’s small, just 8’' x 8”.  The framed is 1 and 7/8th” deep so it can either sit on a shelf or hang on a wall.  It will be at Calico Cat along with another piece that isn’t officially part of Art Walk.  The price is $95.00

I’ll post the other one here when it’s finished.

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