Monday, September 21, 2015

Delivering My ArtWalk pieces

I’ll be delivering my work today, a day early.on harbor island

This one isn’t official but if there is room at Calico Cat “On Harbor Island” will be there along with “Artisan Gallery” …Artisan Gallery small… which is my mixed media piece.  If there isn’t room Harbor Island will go to the gallery uptown.Echos of a Sacred Past

Echoes of a Sacred Past will be at J. Morgan Ltd.  Due to a mix-up this one won’t be in the program but it’s in the painting category and will be at J. Morgan.


Joan Tavolott said...

These are great!!! Is the bottom one a pour? I love that one! Good luck with the ArtWalk.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Yes Joan, the bottom one is a pour. And it has inspired me to get back to doing them.