Saturday, October 3, 2015

An October Pen and Ink Challenge

10 3 buoys

This is day 3 of an October pen and ink challenge, one pen and ink drawing every day.  Here’s a link to the challenge if you’re interested in participating. This is my day 3 and the most complex one I’ve done to date.

This one is from a photo by a photographer friend, Ed Post.  He and I are participating in an exhibit in December – the artist paints the photographers photo.  This one isn’t going to be the painting I don’t think, there is another more complex one that I really like and plan to see what I can do to simplify it.

My usual practice is to do a careful pencil drawing first to work out what stays, what goes and where the values are.  When I finish that drawing I’ll post it, meanwhile here is 2 of the challenge

10.2 on the beach

Day 1 was a flower and I lost it somewhere in cyberspace.

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