Monday, March 21, 2016

More Winter

 I've added some lace and thinking of part of another circle by the tree.  I know this one isn't done but it's close.  I've started another one with a face, still working on that one too.  And one that's pinned but so far nothing is really attached, just pinned.  This lace seems very fragile so I think I will need to cover the block with something light and transparent to protect it.  Or maybe it will end up an art quilt that will just hang on a wall.

There's also a start on another center; I think I'll practice more border stitches on this one, so far just the basic blanket stitch.

And finally, because so far all of the faces seem to be female and it is a blanket for our bed, a winter blanket at that, I've started on Old Man Winter.  The dark lines will be gone once he's done.  I used a magic pen from Fields Fabric to do the can be erased when it's on paper and ironed away when on fabric.

I've also done a few moons to add to some of the blocks that won't be getting as much embellishment.  So far, moons as they were on birthdays and other special dates through out this year.  I've done January, February and March but only photographed one.  The rest are pinned to blocks.

This is what I've been up to this past week.  These and a Tuesday painting which I haven't photographed yet.  I'll do that tomorrow afternoon, when I have another one done to go with it.  Maybe.

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